Announcing the Drupal Developer Days Brussels (4-6 Febr 2011)

After the awesome Drupal Design Camp in Prague where designers and themers from all over Europe gathered, it is now time to bring together Drupal developers for 3 days of Drupal geek madness!
The organising team is thrilled to announce that the first European Drupal Developer Days conference will take place on Saturday and Sunday February 5th & 6th, 2011, at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels, Belgium. This two day event will be preceded by a code sprint on Friday the 4th.

The event will take place in parallel with the 2011 edition of Europe's largest open source gathering, FOSDEM. The Campus Etterbeek of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel is located at a 15 minute walk or a 7 minute tram ride from the FOSDEM location, so that attendees can sample the best sessions from both events.

During the Drupal Developer Days you can expect sessions, ad-hoc meetings, code sprints and practical workshops about the latest developments within the Drupal ecosystem.

The Drupal Developer Days in Brussels are targeted at Drupal developers with varying skillsets: from beginners, who cannot distinguish a hook from a hack, to seasoned 100+ patches core contributors. However the sessions will be exclusively focussed around technical topics.

Registration for the event will open very soon. A call to submit sessions will be launched after that. The organising Belgian Drupal community hopes to welcome around 400 enthousiast Drupal developers in Brussels next February.

Be sure to check out the website at for news and updates, as well as @drupaldaysbxl on Twitter.

See you in Brussels!


Does this mean there will be no Drupal track at FOSDEM this year? Would be a shame to see that end.
Will these developer days be free or will there be a charge to attend?

There is indeed no dedicated devroom at FOSDEM 2011:

There is indeed no Drupal track at FOSDEM. But instead of a track in a tiny room at FOSDEM, there will now be 2 days of Drupal awesomeness at a location nearby. So basically it's the Drupal FOSDEM track on steroids :)

As far as price goes, that is still to be decided, but we're aiming for free or super cheap. You shouldn't expect Drupalcon-like entry prices for sure.

More information will be available at the website and via Twitter soon.

I'm sure it will be great to have a larger space but this could have been done a different time from FOSDEM.

It seems that Drupal has removed itself from the FOSDEM ecosystem with this event and I dont think this is a good thing. It is important for there to be some Drupal presence at FOSDEM and we will miss out on promoting drupal there this year. The Drupal track at Fosdem was also one of the only free regular large Drupal events anywhere in the world, supercheap wont replace that...

Next year it would be good to make this clear earlier so that those who would like to arrange a drupal dev room, track or stand at FOSDEM would be able to still arrange this independently of any developer days that are being scheduled at the same time.

WELLNET from Milan will attend this interesting event!

We're expecting you :)

Well, I wonder how could one attend since it's too far away. Do you have a video for events such as this?